After years of working with young people in public, private, and charter schools, I know that kids want to have BIG Talks with their parents. They want to know what you think and explore life’s BIG questions with you, but they don’t know how to start these conversations. Let me help you to feel confident and capable and ready to answer any questions your kids might pose. I will support you through parent coaching to open the door to ongoing, healthy conversations and close, connected relationships with your kids.

For Families

Virtual Consultation

• 1-hour phone consultation

• Needs assessment completed prior to consultation 

• Treatment plan designed for immediate implementation

• Specifically customized to your family’s needs and priorities



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In-Home Consultation (NYC area residents only)

• 2-hour in-home consultation

• Needs assessment completed prior to consultation

• Treatment plan designed for immediate implementation

• Specifically customized to your family’s needs and priorities

• Family session available

Free introductory call provided


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Our job is not to deny the story, but to defy the ending – to rise strong, recognize our story, and rumble with the truth until we get to a place where we think, ‘Yes. This is what happened. And I will choose how the story ends.’ ~ Brene Brown

You have all of the answers you seek within you. So why do you need a therapist then? You don’t need a therapist, but I can personally attest to the fact that internal work moves much more seamlessly when done with collaboration. Changing old behavior patterns is complicated. You will continuously take steps forward & backward. On such a journey, we all deserve to have someone completely on our side, offering insights, recognizing achievements, asking questions, providing options, & most of all cheering us on! It takes courage to go on such a journey & share our most vulnerable parts, & I’m proud to support clients any way I can.

I’ve dedicated my adult life to learning & engaging in healing practices. I feel it’s my responsibility to share this knowledge with whoever asks to receive it. My approach to healing centers around relationships. I utilize a relational model, which means the therapeutic relationship is the foundation to exploring your relationship to yourself & to others.

My private practice is located in Downtown Brooklyn, NY. I work with ages 6 – 40. I specialize in treating Trauma and PTSD, Children & Adolescents, and Women’s Issues. I accept Blue Cross & Blue Shield insurances.  

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In Schools & Communities

Youth Workshops, Parent Workshops & Professional Development Training

Integrative Sexuality Education Curriculum

Integrative sexuality education teaches young people that physical bodies and behaviors are part of sexuality … but not the whole story! This curriculum is designed to engage young people in dialogue with each other in order to increase knowledge and promote self awareness, self empowerment, and critical thinking. This skill set supports young people to make safe and healthy choices for their bodies and their lives.

Organizations can choose to receive the full integrative sexuality education curriculum or individual workshops to focus on students’ most current needs. K-12 workshops are available. Workshops are customized appropriately for age and stage of development for young people. Each workshop runs approximately one hour.

Sexpectations: Understanding External Influences

Although sexuality is a completely individual experience, we are highly influenced by the external world. This workshop supports young people to identify and explore external sexual messaging with a more critical eye. This workshop teaches young people to start creating their own meaning and identifying wants and needs in relationships, sexual and otherwise.

Gender: Exploring Identity

Blue is for boys, and pink is for girls. This workshop engages young people to evaluate the forced narratives they’ve received related to gender identity. This workshop encourages young people to explore and voice their own narratives naming both strengths and challenges of their identities. This workshop allows young people to discover similarities and differences with their peers, increasing empathy and acceptance for each other.

Sex vs Sexuality: What’s the Difference?

Sexuality is more than just body parts and behaviors, but you wouldn’t know that from mainstream messaging. This workshop introduces young people to the idea that sexuality is a life long journey that involves the whole self – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (depending on people’s beliefs). This workshop supports young people to recognize and connect with their vulnerability related to sexuality and other aspects of life.

Sexual Health: Keeping Bodies Healthy (2 Workshops)

Understanding how bodies work is critical for young people to make healthy choices. These workshops focus on increasing knowledge and understanding for young people related to puberty, reproduction, and STI & unplanned pregnancy prevention.

Consent & Healthy Relationships

Unfortunately the media produces many examples of unhealthy dynamics that normalize these behaviors for young people. This workshop is vital for young people to learn and practice skills related to consent. This workshop also teaches vital warning signs, so young people learn how to avoid abusive relationships.

Communication: Say What You Mean

Say What You Mean: Even many adults agree that speaking openly about sexuality can be a daunting task. This workshop teaches young people coping skills to deal with feelings that can get in the way of open communication. This workshop also helps young people identify trusted adults who they can turn to when needing support and how to identify credible resources on the internet.

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