Favorite Books to read with kids!

It’s Not the Stork

Recommended for kids ages 4-8

Sex is a Funny Word

Recommended for kids ages 8-10

It’s Perfectly Normal

Recommended for kids 10+

(20th anniversary edition includes information about internet safety. Such an important topic!) 

Favorite Sexuality Education websites!

You can use these websites as sexuality education resources in different ways. Discover what feels most comfortable for you and your child.  

  • Use these websites to learn what issues your kids are dealing with related to their sexual development.  
  • Direct your kids to these websites as trusted sources with correct information about healthy sexuality.  
  • Look at these websites with your kids to create conversations and teachable moments about healthy sexual development.  
  • You and your kids can check out these websites separately and then schedule a time to discuss what you both learned. These discussions can include any questions and comments you want to share with each another.

sexetc.org is an engaging website created by teens for teens to explore and learn about healthy sexuality.

amaze.org has engaging cartoon videos on all sorts of topics related to healthy sexuality.

goaskalice.columbia.edu is supported by Columbia University health professionals. Any time your child has a question that you don’t know the answer to, visit this site (either together or separately). I use this site myself when I receive workshop questions that I don’t know the answer to!

Self Assessment

I use this assessment (Total Pages: 5) with parents to better understand their needs and prioritize their goals for talking with kids. Beginning conversations with kids about sexuality can feel daunting because there’s much information to cover. Reflecting on these questions will give you a starting point to focus on with your kids. Click on the assessment to upload the entire document.