“As a special needs parent it is extremely difficult to find developmentally appropriate material about sex Ed, so being able to talk with Tara one-on-one about my child’s specific issues, my specific questions and be able to have a back and forth conversation about them was absolutely invaluable. Reading a cookie-cutter conversation in a book just doesn’t cut it. Tara really listened and I felt totally comfortable asking whatever questions I had. She was so reassuring, supportive, and absolutely non-judgmental about everything. And to top it off, she really knows her stuff! I immediately felt I was in extremely capable and knowledgeable hands. I’d been searching for exactly this kind of information and support for years. What a relief to have this kind of support available. Thank you Tara!” ~ Jane Kleiman  


“Tara has been an invaluable resource for our middle school. She has provided meaningful, thought-provoking, and useful professional development for our teachers and administrators while also designing powerful workshops for our 7th graders around gender and consent. It is rare to find someone who knows how to reach both adults and teenagers, especially when the topics can make folks uncomfortable. Tara manages to do this by creating a safe space for people to take risks, and to allow folks to be who they are. She has been a wonderful collaborator, an insightful consultant, and simply a kind person who is always a pleasure to work with. I have never doubted that Tara has our students’ best interests at heart, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.” ~ Daniel Isquith  


“Tara has facilitated Integrative Sexuality Workshops for our 7th grade students 3 years in a row now, and we don’t know what we’d do without her annual visit. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the topics she teaches and she approaches the work with curiosity, commitment and compassion. Tara maintains a sense of calmness and openness that is different from many of the other experiences our students have had with traditional sex education. She is easy to work with, she makes sure to educate herself on the latest information and ideas in the field and her workshops are filled with highly engaging and highly important material. I can’t recommend her enough.” ~ Holly Alderman  


“Tara constructed the workshop in such an intrinsically inclusive and productive way that I could see everyone in the room opening up to positive change. Tara showed me that these uncomfortable conversations can be incredibly nuanced and friendly.” ~ Siri Nelson