I provide counseling for kids, which focuses on sex education. I focus on sexuality because it is an essential part of young people’s lives that most parents currently ignore.  

I get it. Talking to kids about sex can feel daunting, but with all due respect, that’s probably because you don’t know how to do it well. It’s not your fault. You were never taught, but now we’re going to take this “scary” step forward because your kids need you. Your kids need your help, and they don’t know how to ask for it.

Integrative Sexuality Education

with Tara Abrol, LCSW

Our sexuality is an innate part of us. It’s not some separate thing. Even a lot of us grown-ups don’t really have this understanding yet. When we ask toddlers to use their words, instead of grabbing, we’re teaching them consent even if we’re not calling it that. But don’t stop there! So much of the parenting we’re already doing can flow seamlessly into sex education for kids. Having regular conversations with kids about their bodies, self image, and friendships are all fundamental building blocks of healthy sexuality.

Imagine if we lived in a world where all young people were raised from birth to know their bodies, to love their bodies, and to feel empowered in their bodies. With integrative sex education, young people gain not only the knowledge but also the confidence they need to make safe and healthy choices. Then they have the necessary tools to create powerful decisions for themselves and their lives.

But those of us, who were never taught don’t have these tools to pass on. Instead, we pass on the ways we were hurt and left alone.

BIG Talks  wants you to have the tools your kids need. Through next-level sexuality education for the modern parent, BIG Talks will teach you how to become the major influence in your child’s sexual development. It’s time to get out of your own way and stand with your kids. They are ready to have these conversations, whether they act like it or not. BIG Talks provides counseling for kids and sex education services for families and communities.

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