BIG Talks helps people to create healthy sexual lives through sex education and therapy services.

Did you grow up in a family and society that related to sexuality as a normal part of life? Did you receive comprehensive sex education as a young person? Probably not, so it makes sense that this part of your life remains confusing. BIG Talks provides the tools you need to better understand, communicate, and create a healthy and satisfying sexual life.

BIG Talks offers integrative sexuality education workshops for adults, young people, and parents. Plus we coach parents wanting to engage young people in effective conversations related to sexuality. In addition, we provide integrative sexuality therapy and coaching for adults wanting to explore and expand their connection to their sexual selves.

Integrative Sexuality Education

with Tara Abrol, LCSW

Sexuality is complicated! Sexuality also has the potential to create transformation in your life. Sexuality is your deepest, most vulnerable part, and it’s completely unique to every individual. Understanding your sexuality helps you better understand yourself. When you feel centered in yourself, you engage powerfully in the world.


You want to change the world? Start with your sex life!

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